Our mission is to make high-performance computing accessible to health-care providers. Together we are building the engine that will help make personalized medicine and diagnostics a reality.

Mission Statement

Computing for Health

From genomics to medical imaging, almost every discipline in health-care is dealing with a "Data Deluge" of information. Translating this into something that will ultimately benefit patients requires massive amounts of computation and storage in an environment that is fast, secure, and run with efficiency. HPC4Health is a consortium of health providers who are working together to build the next-generation of compute engine for clinical research.

Partner Members

Working Together

Two of the biggest hospitals in Canada, the Hospital for Sick Children and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre at UHN, have decided to join together and build a framework to handle their future research computing and data needs. HPC4Health will be accepting new member health research institutes to use this platform, and will also work with others to deploy the system we have built elsewhere.

Our Gratitude

Thanks to Our Supporters

By working together, we have built a model for a computing infrastructure that is much bigger than what we could have built on our own. We would like to thank our internal funders, including the SickKids Foundation and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. A large portion of our equipment has been purchased through grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and operational money has been provided by Compute Canada, both of whom we also thank.

Our Supporters